Join the team with a donation!

Your donations allow us to reach our racing goals. By helping to finance essential kennel costs, you’ll be a key member of the team—just short of slipping on a harness alongside the dogs!

Make a custom contribution or choose one of the fun options listed below. The perks alone are worth it

$300 Lead Dog Donation
At this level, you’re a bonafide team member, helping to pull us down the trail like a lead dog. You’ll receive our monthly newsletters, our personal Iditarod journal, and a framed and signed picture of the most recent Yukon Quest and Iditarod teams. Plus, you’ll get some cool swag: dog tags from both the Quest and Iditarod teams plus Tagish Lake Kennel’s stylish patch and hat.

$100 Wheel Dog Donation
You’ll receive our monthly newsletter, our personal Iditarod journal, plus cool swag like the Tagish Lake Kennel sponsor tag and a stylish hat. And like a wheel dog, without your contribution, the sled would never get moving in the first place.

$50 Swing Dog Donation
Like one of the swing dogs, your donation helps keep the team on the best path. You’ll receive monthly newsletters, our personal Iditarod journal and a Tagish Lake Kennel patch.

$25 Team Dog Donation
Join the team and get monthly newsletters, a racing bootie actually used on a 1000-mile race and a Tagish Lake Kennel Sponsor Dog Tag.

Corporate Sponsorship packages are available. Please contact Michelle Phillips or Ed Hopkins for more information.

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