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$100 Dog Sponsorship



Running a kennel of sled dogs and participating in races requires a lot of hard work for mushers and their dog teams. It also requires financial help from supporters to help offset the costs of dog food, booties, medicines, medical treatments, gear, entry fees and so much more. Did you know that Michelle’s dog team will need over 1,000 booties just to run the Iditarod?

For a $100 sponsorship, you’ll receive monthly newsletters with news and exclusive updates about Michelle Phillips and Ed Hopkins of Tagish Lake Kennel, a Proud Tagish Lake Kennel Sponsor patch, updates about your dog, official Tagish Lake Kennel team picture, a copy of Michelle Phillips’ personal Iditarod journal, an official dog bootie worn by one of Michelle Phillips’ dogs during the Iditarod. (When paying, please specify which dog you’re sponsoring.)

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