Racing Team

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Skandic is a big beautiful wheel and team dog. He is a definite Skandic, he is all power and steady as he goes! Last year Skandic finished both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod. Skandic is 4 years old.

Kale is a 6 year old lead dog that wins over many hearts. Kale is a bit of a mischief maker and definitely has his own mind at times. He has many fans all over the race trail who like to visit him and take selfies. Kale has been one of our main lead dogs for a few years and he has run the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest.

Finn is a super sweet gentle kind boy that often just quietly does his job and doesn’t cause any problems. Finn runs lead and anywhere in the team and is very versatile. Finn is 3 years old and finished his first Iditarod last March. Finn is a great dog as gets along with all the dogs in the team and can run in any position.

Dougall is one of the younger dogs on the main team. At a very young age he decided he was too good for his littermates and wanted to run with the big boys. Dougall has really matured over the last year and is just starting to run in lead. Last year he ran the Iditarod on Ed’s team and Ed was very impressed with his athletic ability and being calm in any situation.

At 9 Apollo is one of the oldest in the race group. Apollo though still loves to race and train and his tireless enthusiasm and energy amazes us. Apollo has been an incredible leader for years and is a yard favourite. AS well as a great sled dog he is also a member of Michelle’s jogging group!

Indy is a hard charging fast leader. Indy is very strong mentally and adapts to any situation. Indy finished the Iditarod last year.

Dragon is a sweetheart who is an incredible lead dog. Right away she amazed us with her leadership qualities and how she can stick like glue to a trail. Dragon is 6 years old and has run many Yukon Quests and Iditarods.

Brute is a machine. Incredibly strong and single minded he has the strength to pull you anywhere he wants. Brute is a real lady’s man and loves the girls. Brute is a great wheel and team dog. Brute is the father of a summer litter we had with Chia.

Wonder Woman lives up to her name! She is tireless and is always ready for an adventure. Wonder has run the Yukon Quest and Iditarod and is a great leader! She loves chasing other teams up the trail and she hates slackers!

Splash is a crowd favorite. Splash loves to cuddle and meet new people but also loves charging up the trail in lead. Splash has led the team across Norton Sound in a wind storm charging into the wind. Splash is 6 years old has run many Yukon Quest and Iditarods.

Mac is one of the big guns in the kennel. He is a dominant male and runs anywhere in the team including lead. He is a great leader and has run the YQ and Iditarod. Mac was on Ed’s Rookie of the Year Iditarod team. Watch for this big guy in lead!

Mustang is a hard charging 4 year old female who is out of our beloved leader Little Red. Mustang is one of the hardest workers in the team and is an excellent swing dog. This winter she has been stepping up to the lead position as she is growing more confident with age. Mustang also loves to play tricks and doesn’t like slackers!

Floyd is a hard working fun loving young boy . Floyd is one of the smoothest trotters we have ever seen. Floyd’s Mom is Wonder Woman which can tell you a lot! Floyd loves barking and running with his brother Zeppelin.

Zeppelin is a promising young male who has always been a force to reckon with. Zeppelin is starting to shine in lead and also is an incredible wheel dog. Paired with his best buddy and brother Floyd these guys are always ready to go!

Here is Chisto with one of our handlers Amanda. Chisto is one of the most handsome sled dogs in our yard. He is a very strong calm presence in the team and last year really shone in the 2019 Iditarod when he ran in lead. Chisto is such a big boy that he can drag a dog team anywhere including deep water. Chisto was an all star on the 2019 Iditarod really shinning under the tough trail conditions!

Leo is a new addition in our kennel. He comes to us from our friends, Katherine Keith and John Baker. Leo is a hard charging boy who appears tireless and we work with him this winter. He is always paired with his brother Taurus. Leo is a fabulous addition to our kennel!

Taurus is from Kotzebue, Alaska. He has a thick shiny coat and tough black feet. This gentle soul is always ready to go. He is an excellent wheel dog! Taurus is a really gem!

Striker comes to us from our neighbor MC. Striker is littermates with Skandic and Indy. Mc and I split a litter 4 years ago and she ended up with Striker. Striker has so much promise she felt it was unfair to keep him as a tour dog. He is excelling in training and we look forward to seeing how he does in his first race of the season. Skandic runs in lead and wheel. Striker is in love with Janice.

Janice is the sister to Zeppelin and Floyd. Very similar to her Mom Wonder Woman she is a hard driving young female who can run anywhere in the team. This will be her first big racing year and she shows much promise. Janice is a real tough girl and doesn’t put up with any nonsense!

Reece is a hard driving young male who ran in the Yukon Quest last year. He is a very strong boy and he loves attention and cuddles. He enjoys running with his brothers Twix and M&M. Often if their run isn’t long enough you will find them heading out on their own run!

Twix is a very strong enthusiastic sled dog. He is usually the first up barking after a rest raring to head back down the trail. He ran the Yukon Quest last year and was a great addition to the team. He loves his family M&M and Reece and is one of the hardest dogs to harness when he is ready to go!

M&M is one of the furriest dogs in our kennel. Affectionately called the furry he is a hard driving male who as a pup would head out on every run leaving the yard. Once on the trail if he came across a team just heading out, he would turn and run with them. M&M loves to be in a travelling in his team.

Nares is a gentle soul that has really come out of his shell and is one of those dogs you can always count on. He runs in lead and team and is one of the sweetest most gentle dogs in our kennel.

Hazel is a favorite of my niece and nephew Sam and Zoe. Hazel is becoming an excellent leader and keeps the speed and attitude of the team, up. Hazel has run in the YQ and the Iditarod.

Gaia is one of our most experienced leaders. Gaia sustained an injury last year that prevented her from joining the team racing but thanks to our osteopath friend Sebastian Dos Santos Gaia is back and ready to head back out on the race trail. Thanks so much Sebastien for working your magic on our beautiful girl!

Oscar is a young 2-year-old male who can run anywhere in the team. He is very focused and charges down the trail with enthusiasm. Oscar is out of Kahlua and Bruno. Oscar is on Ed’s 2-year-old team this year. Watch out!

Kahlua is a 3 year old female that is one of the smallest dogs in our kennel. Kahlua however is one of the fastest dogs in the kennel and she loves to charge as fast as she can down the trail. Kahlua is a hard driving fast leader and is on Ed’s team this year.

Cleo has taken after her Mom Kahlua and is becoming an excellent gee/haw leader. Cleo loves to head down the trail and often comes into the yard barking to head back out. She will be a force to be reckoned with when paired with Bolt.

This is Bolt. Bolt is a born lead dog and has shown superstar qualities since he harness broken. Bolt is siblings with Dougall, Ocar and Cleo. Bolt is on Ed’s team this year. Bolt loves to run loose with his sister!

Hawk is a sweet shy daughter of Gaia’s. Hawk loves her sister Onxy and is confident when running beside Onxy. Hawk runs in the team and in wheel. This year she will be racing in Ed’s team.

Onyx and Hawk look very similar but Onyx is the bigger of the two. Onyx loves Hawk and will stick up for her under any circumstance. Onyx is strong, tough and hard headed. Onyx runs anywhere in the team

Pippy is the little red haired beauty in our kennel. She is becoming an excellent leader like her Mom Gaia. Pippy was named after Pippy Long Stockings! Pippy is 3 years old this year.

Athena is another beautiful dog from Katherine Keith and John Baker’s kennel in Kotzebue. Athena is a beautiful strong female that is starting to shine. Athena is running on Ed’s racing team this year.

Ranger was an awkward yearling but now at two he is blossoming as training gets harder and harder. Ranger is running on Ed’s speedy team this year and today left the yard in lead! Ranger is a real sweetie!

Bugsy is Ranger’s brother and he has been a superstar since he started in harness. He was the first young dog out of his pack to run in lead. He is a gentle kind dog. Bugsy is running on Ed’s team this year.

Lambo is a super happy gorgeous boy from Racine and Bruno. Lambo is raring to go and prefers running to resting! He loves people as well and is always ready to give you a hug!